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Social Services

To get an idea of how we got involved in social services, here is some excerpts from one of our news letter… ‘As you may be well aware that we are not only just in to teaching self defense and how to keep well but also committed to human values. I remember the last monsoon, the day when Ahmedabad was flooded, as I drove through the roads turned in to rivers...( with a concern of reaching home in time, when many stranded for hours.) I happened to see some colonies of tribal laborers submerged in water. Now my focus was shifted, how could they cook when the firewood was wet? Upon reaching home I phoned some of our senior people and a dozen of them quickly gathered at my residence. We made Puri -bhaji, bought Bananas in bulk and headed towards those tribal huts. A grand dinner at a Five star hotel can not be compared with the happiness and satisfaction we derived from feeding those hungry, shivering men, women and children.

Then we thought of their spending winter with poor shelter and a little to wrap their skinned bodies and came the idea of our surplus clothes. We literally stuff our wardrobes with unused clothes! As I put this idea of distributing such clothes among needy, the response from our students was overwhelming! We could distribute hundreds of pairs, several car loads of clothes during the early part of that winter. Perhaps we got the key to happiness and satisfaction. It gives me immense satisfaction that we're able to provide a platform for the youth to contribute to the society.'