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Eco Awareness

In the last hundred years or so, we humans have exploited mother earth, causing irreversible damage and imbalance. Science and technology has taken a huge leap in search for more comfort and happiness. But to pursue this, we almost ignored nature's balance. We forgot to accept the truth that the entire existence is one. Group 'A' can not sustain and function without group 'B' or 'C'. Every group of living beings/species is inter dependable. Whether it is mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, grass or trees.

Indian seers proclaimed earth as a living entity thousands of years back. Now modern science has endorsed this fact.

We have contaminated earth, water, and air beyond measure and continue to do so at even greater speed! Factories, atomic plants, vehicles, aero planes omit hazardous toxic waste, chemicals and gases resulting in global warming. Which is a major reason for the damage in ozone layer, cyclones as well as melting of arctic ice which in turn causes the sea to swell and eventually engulf our valuable land. Our rivers are turned in to sewers by our cities. There is a huge problem of plastic waste which is not biodegradable and in recent decades it is 'E-waste'-Electronics waste. Since there are millions of T.V. sets, Computers, Mobile phones are being thrown away every year! Developed nations dump these items in ship loads to the third world countries. Every minute we're cutting forests of the size of a football ground! We're eliminating many beautiful wild life species without even our knowledge! Some thirty years back nobody thought of buying bottled water and today billions of water bottle are being sold world wide and may be if we do not wake up and do the needful, someday may come when we have to buy oxygen to breath!

It is this simple; we can not be happy and comfortable if we do not allow mother earth to be happy and comfortable. We should remain the children of mother earth and should not try to become the owner / master of it.

Sujivan Eco Awareness Programme is playing a role of a 'wake up call' for human race regarding this matter. We have pin pointed certain key areas, set some modest goals like planting 100000 trees.