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Natural Healing

The Modern way of life has brought us many gifts, including that of various diseases. Medication, hospitalization and surgery that can be very expensive and troublesome and at times unnecessary! And there is a danger of painful side effects.

Fortunately the seers of the yore have devised several simple, natural healing methods to elevate human sufferings. It is to utilize same cosmic energy to heal a patient, which pervades every atom in the universe! It is called ‘Prana’ in Sanskrit. The energy which is the life force behind every living things. Which works at the root cause of a problem.

There are many time tested methods of healing. At Sujivan, we have specifically chosen Reiki, Pranic Healing, Acupressure and Body therapy-Scientific Massage. We have found that combination of more then one of these healing modalities can produce amazing results even in acute and chronic ailments. It works well on Asthma, Back pain, Cancer or Depression…almost any and every disease!

At Sujivan, we have a group of healers with humanitarian and holistic approach. Sensei Nikhil Trivedi, the force behind the movement, has touched and transformed many lives. He has received training from legendary masters and has interacted with scores of healers of different healing systems across the globe. He is a wonderful healer and obtained master’s degree in various healing systems. His exceptional healing abilities has brought relief /cure to many souls.

Here are some healing experiences:

I had a severe back pain for more than five years. Specially after a night’s sleep it used to get so bad that I was in agony while rising from the bed. One of my friends told me about Sensei Nikhil and his healing. One fine morning, I took his treatment. He used acupressure first; carefully pressing appropriate points. After that he did Pranic Healing. I felt energy sensations all around my body and soon I felt as if my burden was being lifted. It was soothing and relaxing. But still I had my doubts-I was not sure whether the pain had gone or not. It was when I got up the next day expecting usual pain in my body, but lo…There was no pain. I was cured! After that single treatment one full year has passed and still I’m free from pain!

After some time, I attended his two days Reiki seminar to become my own Doctor and help my close ones. It was a fantastic exposure in esoteric science.

- Vijay Gajjar, Ahmedabad

Structural Engineer, Age:52

I know you have done some magic!

Hello Mr. Trivedi, Greetings from Hungary. Hope you remember me. We were together in a Yoga seminar, and I was suffering from a very bad knee pain due to the two injuries I sustained during skiing back in Europe. For years I could not sit in crossed legs position. Doctors advised surgery. You treated my knee with some energy  healing method which you termed ‘Pranic healing’. From the next session I could sit crossed legs! My knee pain was gone! And so, I know you have done some magic to my knee! Thank you very much for the divine healing!

- Katalin Koncz, Budapest

For those who are interested in learning, we have periodical Seminars in Reiki and other Healing modalities. If you want to receive treatments, We may be able to arrange accommodation for you. Or if you want to arrange  Reiki / Pranic Healing Seminars in your Country, you may write/call to us. For that please see the Contact us section.